We are a factory of creation, without limits of formats. Combining art, innovation and technology to create cross-platform ideas and experiences.

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We unite the companies with our ecosystem to jointly produce a mutually valuable result.

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We work with our clients facilitating the digital transformation for their companies.

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We create, test and prototype different technologies to turn them into potential solutions and innovative high-impact products.

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  • Creativity: Combining art, innovation and technology, we seek to create high impact ideas, experiences and innovative products.
  • Creativity fee: We make creative proposals for the digital transformation of our customers.
  • Disruptive technologies: We have access to the technologies and developments of our LAB.
  • Rent and sale of technologies.

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  • Programs for the creation of the business model of new start-ups or products.
  • Joint participation program with teams of top-level professionals who represent the ecosystem through our alliance system
  • Funding shared between corps and our own independent fund.

  • Digital transformation program.
  • We find innovative solutions applying digital transformation protocols with which we train our clients.
  • We expanded the business vision by adding state-of-the-art technologies.
  • Program for foreign start-ups (4 weeks).

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  • Prototype creation.
  • Research and constant innovation in new technologies.
  • Disruptive essence.
  • Creation of new products.

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About Us


To be the Hub that leads the digital transformation and innovation in Argentina for all of Latin America and the world.


We encourage innovative thinking within corporate environments.
We put impact at the center of your strategies. Investor network. Impact Business.Mentoring. Strategic Alliances.

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